Midway Cleveland

Cleveland's Bicycle Network

The Midway is a proposed world class cycling network, built for everyday Cleveland residents. Cycling is an important mode of transportation for any city. The network will cover 100+ miles to allow instant, safe, and a convenient mode of transportation for cyclists all over the city.

The Network

Designed with the easy to understand logic of a color-coded subway system, the Midway will connect residents to employment centers and regional assets like Metroparks’ Reservations. The Midway can be easily expanded beyond Cleveland’s borders to include surrounding communities. When built, this world-class human-scale infrastructure will make Cleveland one of the most livable cities in the country.

HISTORY: Cleveland is fortunate to have the space required to develop a transformative, bicycle network, a legacy of our region’s streetcar era. From 1860 until 1954, residents of all ages relied on the streetcars to get to work, school, Metroparks or a ballgame. At its peak in 1946, a record 493 million passengers used the streetcar system which encompassed 236 miles of tracks. As the trolleys disappeared, the public space was simply converted to travel lanes for cars and truck use. Today, the combination of Cleveland’s lower population and excessively wide former streetcar thoroughfares present a ready opportunity for Cleveland residents and visitors to embrace active transportation within a safe and inviting environment.

How It Works

Think of the Midway as a bicycle expressway network, with controlled on and off access points, but overlaid atop our city’s existing streets. Separated cycle tracks are an innovative form of urban cycling infrastructure giving continuous physical protection to cyclists, while still being a part of the curb to curb street right of way. This typology has been proven the world over to be safer for cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicular traffic, making urban streets safe and comfortable for cyclists of all skill levels from ages 8 to 80. What is especially innovative for The Midway is its adaptive re-use of infrastructure formerly dedicated for public mass transit. No city in the world has proposed such a project.

Cycle facilities like the MIDWAY exist in or are proposed for other cities right now. Visit these sites to see what they look like, and how they work:

How It Works Drawing How It Works Drawing
What’s the Midway mean for me?

The Midway is currently in its planning and community support building phase.
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